Vote by Mail

Black Americans are critical to every election.  Elections have always been won or loss by the Black vote.  The Black vote is so important that policies, laws, and social persuasion have been created to change the outcome of elections.

This year we are investing our time and effort into Voting by Mail.  With COVID-19 still be present in America this is the perfect opportunity for the Black Wall USA to get Black voters to use the vote by mail program.   We believe that the Vote by Mail program can be used to increase the percentage of Black voter.  We have staff that are calling potential voters to walk them through the process of requesting a vote by mail ballot.  Our same staff will then follow up with the Black voters to assist them in filling out the ballot and how to safely get the ballot into the mail.

We are calling on our Yellow, White, and Brown allies to assist us in our Vote By Mail effort.  By building this Black Brick together we are increasing the political value of Black Americans.

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