Remove & Replace

Confederate symbols are hate signs directed at Black Americans.  It is a constant reminder that there was a time of slavery.  That Blacks in America where property of white people.  It tells Black Americans that the racist people that honor and display these symbols believe in enslaving humans as there way of life.  The Confederate States of America were traitors to the United States who believed Blacks where subhuman and that they had the right to rape, kill, breed, mutilate, and discard.  Confederate culture regarded Black people as not having souls. Confederate culture hid behind their religion by misinterpreting passages in the bible to justify their hate and cruelty on Black Americans.  Honoring Confederate culture tells Black people that you have a hatred and disdain for Black lives.

Confederate symbols such as Flags, Statues, paintings, monuments, and other confederate hate symbols will be petitioned to be removed.  Once they are removed they will be replaced with Black Art created by a Black artist.  Partner with us and our Yellow, White, and Brown allies to tear down the symbols of Hate in America and replace it with the healing artwork of Black Americans.

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