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Black Walls

Black Walls of Change

How Do We Build a Black Wall Together

It starts with many like-minded people coming together and pooling their resources, thoughts, ideas, and determination.  The Black Wall partners will help identify, create, and execute protests, the drafting of policies, economic projects, and the review of potential candidates at the local, state, and federal levels.
The next step is to discover and define our issues, then develop and deliver our solutions to these issues. We have created an organization that can manage these solutions we are able to provide a viable, desirable, feasible, and sustainable system to defeat injustice and racism in America. 
There are several types of Black Wall Partners: (Stones)Posthumous members are those that have died at the hands of injustice, (Sand) People who are victims of racism, (The Forged) People who are actively standing up against racism through volunteer work or donations,  (Mortar) People who Financially support the Black Wall, and (Bricks) Are the successful result of one our projects.