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After reading a Los Angeles Column titled ” OK, we’ve finally agreed that Black lives matter. Now what?” it is amazing how little growth there has been since 2016.  Sure the movement is worldwide but has there been any real movement in steps taken to provide Social, Criminal, Civic, and Economic Justice.  The answer is no.  Now that the spotlight has been shined on racism in America and throughout the world the movement has plateaued. The question I hear being asked is what’s next for the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Enter Earl L. Harris founder of the Black Wall USA.  He has created an organization that approaches injustice and racism in a solutions based methodology.  I spoke with him about why Black Wall USA is the evolution of the Black Lives Matters Movement.  One of the biggest differences is that the Black Wall USA is not funded by any political parties.  It is a self funded organization living off small donors.  The Black Wall USA has created a team of professionals with enterprise level experience that looks at injustices and racism as issues that can be solved by creating individual solution strategies.  Looking back at the Black Lives Matter Movement as inspiration.  They use rallies, marches, and other events to provide a spotlight on the issue that needs correcting.  They then proceed to create resolutions and partner with politicians that will pass their resolutions locally.  I asked why locally instead of taking the fight to Washington DC.  Mr. Harris simply said that is not where the actual change comes from.  “Change is always a local concept. To build a beloved community you must build acceptance”.  Once local politics change in a state the state laws and policies will follow suit.

The Black Lives Matter Movement is evolving into a Black Wall USA organization.  I am looking forward to the Black Wall USA being the solution to the issues of injustice and racism.

-by Dubois-

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