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about us

Our System

We have a created a decentralized lean non profit organization. This level of scaled organization has never been seen before. Our scaleable system is uniquely created to combat and overtake injustices and the systemic racism that has taken root in America.

We are a multi-generational organization. Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennial, and Generation Z all working together and making decisions together with our allies.

With you as a partner we will create visions and strategies that will deal with injustice and racism in the private sector as well as local, state, and federal government.

We are asking people to become partners with the Black Wall organization. With a partnership commitment of $209 per month, you will become an annual partner of independent thought and choice that will shape and mold American Law, Policy and Politics.

Our 2021 1st Quarter emphasis

Only donations received to the Black Wall of Change will be disbursed in the percentages shown below.  Any donations given to specific causes or projects will be used for that said specific cause or project. (20% of all donations go toward the administration expense of the organization)

Candidate Support
Increase Black voting
Urban Relief
Economic Injustice
Civil Injustice
Social Injustice
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-Builders Needed-

Want to build a better future for Americans?

Nothing is more American than Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. If you hold these same beliefs please partner with us and our Yellow, White, and Brown Allies.

Become a Builder (Donate)


Black Wall Partners

Stone, Forged, Mortar all make bricks of the Black Wall

MORTAR Partner

A lifelong resident of Steelton, Pa. CT Hailey made history in becoming the first African -American head football coach at his hometown high school.  He seeks to further even more and vastly varied opportunities for the next generation.

CT Hailey


MORTAR Partner

Founder of the Black Wall USA and Civil rights activist in the 60’s. “For to long Black Americans have wandered in the wilderness of despair and sorrow. We are on the verge of reaching our promised land of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We have raised up a generation that is able to defeat the Giants of Racism. ” (Earl L. Harris)

Earl Harris

MORTAR Partner

This is not our Next Generation’s Fight

Black Wall USA

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Black Wall USA

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Black Wall USA© 2022. All Rights Reserved.