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We Are the Solution for the Issues of Injustice and Racism

Our Black Wall organization methodology creates executable plans that are designed to eradicate injustice and racism, and aims to tear down the systems of oppression within our nation. Together, with your help, we are building Walls of Change that will become the foundation of THE BELOVED COMMUNITY. We are building a society based on justice, equality and love of our fellow human being. Within this Community, all are free from their past interactions and are able to look upon one another as equals. For when we love others as we love ourselves, the many become one.
Our Walls of Change

Build a Wall of Change With Us

The Black Wall is organized for the purpose of delivering viable solutions. We have several Economic, Civil, and Social Justice walls to build. After the protesting, there is the Black Wall. …a system created to eradicate systemic racism and injustice at every level. Find a wall that you want to build. We have the blueprints for a better America.

Wall of Justice

We are boldly running toward the fight for justice. Join us in finally making the American dream real for everyone that lives in our great nation.Read More

Wall of Politics

Voter registration on Black Diaspora Progressive perspective. Get out the vote for underperforming areas.Read More

Wall of Laws& Policies

Creating laws & policies that will protect the rights & liberties for the people of the Black Diaspora . Read More

Wall of Education

Supporting effective learning methodologies and replacing ineffective ones from pre-K through college. Read more

Wall of Re-education

“Undo button” The complete re-education of America and the removal of false and hateful symbols of racism and anti-Semitism Read more

Wall of Economics

Supporting current and creating new Black Diaspora owned Financial Institutions. Read More

Wall of Relief

No family should slip through the cracks. We are a great nation that takes care of our own. Join us in our mission to raise funds for organizations that are providing relief to America.Read more

Wall of Black Diaspora owned Business

Supporting current and creating new Black Diaspora owned Business.Read more

Rebuilding A Great America One Brick at A Time

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Portrait of African American young man with arms folded looking at camera. Fit person having arms crossed in the city park.
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We are asking people to become partners with the Black Wall USA organization. You are not defined by Race. You are not a minority. You are not dependent. You have an ethnicity, you have a culture. You are people of the Black Diaspora.   With a Black Wall partnership, you will become a part of a progressive organization that will shape and mold American Economic Justice, Criminal Justice, Social Justice, Civil Justice, Education, Housing, Employment, Law, Policy, and Politics.

-Builders Needed-

Want To Become a Builder ?
Let us Show you How

Every Brick is made from broken stones. People of the Black Diaspora have been broken for far too long. We are forging black bricks to build a Black Wall. Join the Black Wall

How Do We Build a Black Wall Together

It starts with many like-minded people organized together and pooling their resources, thoughts, ideas, and determination.  The Black Wall partners will help identify, create, and execute protests, the drafting of policies, economic projects, and review of potential candidates at the local, state, and federal levels.
The next step is to discover and define our issues, then develop and deliver our solutions to these issues. We have created an organization that can manage these solutions we are able to provide a viable, desirable, feasible, and sustainable system to defeat injustice and racism in America. 
We believe that the people of the Black Diaspora are not monolithic in their thinking but can come together under a progressive mindset to affect real change.
There are several types of Black Wall Partners: (Stones)Posthumous members are those that have died at the hands of injustice, (Sand) People who are victims of racism, (The Forged) People who are actively standing up against racism through volunteer work or donations,  (Mortar) People who Financially support the Black Wall, and (Bricks) Are the successful result of one our projects. A project can be the introduction of a new law or policy, removal of a racist from office or position of influence, a candidate that has been placed in office by the Black Wall, …just to name a few outcomes.

What Makes the Black Wall Different?

Our Black Diaspora Progressive Democrat agenda, organization, and finances are pulled together to find real solutions.  100% of monies received go to building the Black Wall. The majority of our vendors are from people of the Black Diaspora. 

Forged and Mortar Level

Become a Black Wall Partner

By becoming an annual partner of the Black Wall organization, you are now empowered with the tools and resources to have your voice heard, received, and acted upon.  You will be a part of the first black organization that is not controlled by a democratic or republican party.  You will be able to provide guidance on the candidates that will run for office. All politics are local.  You will be able to promote your important issues to your community, to America, or worldwide.  You will be able to take actions to have bills passed or to work against laws that are not in your communities’ best interest.   You will not only be able to fight for justice, but you will have the tools to win.

What Type Of Builder Will You Be?

The Forged Level

Partnership starts at the Forged level from $50 to $150 a month.

Forged partners get access to virtual town-hall meetings, free quarterly swag shipments, their own blog page, social media influencer training and assistance.

Mortar Level

Mortar level is $209 a month and up.
At this level all vetted supporters have access to all that the Forged partners receive plus the following: They are part of the candidate voting process. They participate in the Value Stream and Strategy Stream of the Black Wall. Annually vetted and approved partners sit on the Portfolio level and Program level of the organization.

This is not our Next Generation’s Fight